People often draw inspiration from memories.  Some of my fondest memories are from our garden, working together with my family, and from exploring the bounties of nature with my brother and sister.  We often played outdoors as children, building forts, collecting rocks, and utilizing the tools nature had to offer.  These moments of playing in nature serve as the foundation for the way I work with clay.  Clay has a natural memory that documents the movements of the maker.  It is through this memory that I find purpose and meaning.   

The clay body I use is a dark earthenware which reminds me of the soil we played in as kids. The brushwork decoration provides bright contrast that allows me to abstract this imagery from nature and pull from key moments in my life.  Altering the thrown forms provides lively movement to pieces that might otherwise be structured and stiff.

I strive to make forms that bring enjoyment to everyday rituals.  I hope that my viewer’s lives are enriched just as my life was while experiencing nature with my family.  I hope they find a personal connection to my work that stimulates their own memories.